Placenta Encapsulation Services

Simple Capsules              £210

Steamed Capsules          £210

50/50 Simple and Steamed          £250

Placenta Remedies

Longer term options

Tincture          £80

A long term remedy which can help balance hormones right through to the menopause (takes 6 weeks to prepare using a part of your placenta or 8-10 capsules)

Homeopathic Remedy         £60

Using placenta or capsule a remedy that is suitable for both mum and baby, available in 7C or 30C

Homemade Skincare for Mum and Baby – see separate page for details

All our cosmetics and skincare have been developed with new born skin and postnatal healing in mind. They are all EU registered and comply with EU cosmetics regulations and can be ordered without placenta services. (Prices quoted here are WITH a placenta carrier oil.)

Placenta Oil 50ml £35

 A carrier oil which can be added to any skincare product

Facial Oil 50ml £65

A light but luxurious facial oil with sweet orange, neroli and lavender 

 Whipped Body Butter 250ml         £55

Easily absorbed into the skin this is the perfect post shower moisturiser with ylang ylang and patchouli


Mother and Baby Balm 120ml         £45

Suitable for newborn skincare

Mother and Baby Massage Oil 200ml         £35

Perfect for bonding time and after bath relaxation

Additional Extras

Unique services made by your placenta

Cord Keepsake         Complimentary 

Framed Cord Keepsake         £25

Your baby’s umbilical dehydrated and framed, a perfect presentation

Placenta Print         £8

A print made from your placenta to treasure forever


Combined services to enable you to get the most out of your placenta

The Natural Connection         £245

Steamed or Simple Capsules

Placenta Tincture

Cord Keepsake

The Essential Connection     £225

 Steamed or Simple Capsules

Mother and Baby Balm

Placenta Oil 


The Bonding Connection         £280

Steamed or Simple Placenta Capsules


Mother and Baby Balm Skincare

Massage Oil

Cord Keepsake

The Cosmetic Connection         £300

Simple or Steamed Placenta Capsules

Whipped Body Butter

Facial Oil

Mother and Baby Balm Natural Skincare 

Cord Keepsake

The Ultimate Connection         £440

50/50 Placenta Capsules


Facial Oil

Whipped Body Butter

Mother and Baby Balm

Massage Oil

Cord Keepsake

The Combined Connection

Any 4 services of your choice with 15% discount from total price