Speaking from experience….

I had placenta encapsulation in after my second birth – I had researched its benefits and was determined to take control of my postnatal experience.  The evidence and stories from other women was overwhelmingly positive – I felt the same – and now so do my clients! 

How encapsulation worked for me….

During the 8 weeks I took my placenta capsules I felt truly amazing.  I enjoyed the time I had with my baby daughter, and all we had to offer each other.  As well as running around after a 2 year old and being back on the school run two weeks after a c section, I had a good milk supply, good energy levels and felt steady and in control – this for me, I credit placenta encapsulation.

Moving forward…..

So impressed with how the capsules made me feel, I felt passionate that I wanted to share this with other women.  I have trained with both PRISM and IPEN training in placenta remedies and EU cosmetics training to provide women with a range of services to support them through the postnatal period and beyond.  I am fully insured with BGi and a member of the Placenta Remedies Network.  We are so proud that the Placenta Connection has been award a 5 star rating for hygiene from Medway Council


Preparation of your placenta – hygienic, safe, secure.

At The Placenta Connection – client safety is our main priority – to that end we have a secure, self contained unit where placentas are prepared – only one placenta is ever encapsulated at one time and the unit is cleaned and sterilised before and after every encapsulation.  This unit and my processes were given a 5* hygiene rating by Medway Council.  The processes go far above and beyond a standard food preparation unit, with hospital grade cleaning equipment, and single use equipment where necessary.

The Placenta Connection

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