Have a read from women like you – who have used The Placenta Connection have had their placenta turned into capsules to help with their post natal recovery.

Christie Delaney – @christiegeeee

Ellen kindly made my pills and tincture when I had my second baby and the experience was dreamy from start to finish. The instructions for collection were really clear and Ellen had worked with my hospital already so the handover was seamless. I had my pills back the next day and they made an enormous difference to my recovery. I would definitely use The Placenta Connection again and recommend to anyone looking to improve their postpartum period!

Sarah Williams 2022

I had my placenta encapsulated and am convinced it helped with my recovery, I had an instrumental labour and expected the aftermath to be rough but actually had tonnes of energy. This was much appreciated considering I was running on very little sleep. I would (and do!) HIGHLY recommend Ellen if you’re thinking of having your placenta encapsulated, she is very knowledgable and also a really lovely lady.

Jaskiran Kaur March 2024

Ellen was so attentive, she listened, informed & brought the encapsulated placenta to my hospital ward as I stayed in for 5 days with my newborn. The capsules helped with my recovery, it nipped my baby blues in the bud (which were really bad before I got my capsules) I have the energy and the courage to ‘get on with things’ because of the capsules. The nurses were also surprised with my recovery.

Definitely recommend!

Rebecca Hartman

I am so pleased that I opted to encapsulate my placenta via Ellen. 2 weeks after having our daughter, I was being told by everyone around me how great I looked and how I didn’t even look like I’d just had a baby – how fresh, energised and chilled I looked. This included multiple healthcare professionals, with one health visitor saying we were the best couple she’d seen in weeks. I’m a first time mum, so have nothing to compare to (plus I have been blessed with a great sleeping baby which definitely helped with my recovery!), but I’m convinced that the placenta capsules played a massive part in how great I felt following my C-section. Ellen was a dream to liaise with, providing information and answers to my questions so promptly and the collection of my placenta was so seamless! Thank you Ellen!

Katy Young – Beauty Editor Harpers Bazaar

I would recommend this to all new mothers. Honestly the easiest process (Ellen was at the hospital an hour after I’d given birth – and midwives are totally au fait with the process) and I’m the happiest mum without so much as a touch of the blues. And whenever I might be having a tired, and potentially low, day I doubled the dose and it worked wonders. Worth every penny – and more. Ellen is also incredibly supportive, it’s lovely.

Grace Victory – March 2022

Grace Victory – placenta capsule testimonial


Wow – I’m feeling better already, thank you we are adjusting slowly. I’m loving my pills, still taking them and starting to feel myself – thank you Ellen”