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Happy New Year and Thank You

Happy New Year and Thank You

29 December 2019
I hope you have all had a lovely time this Christmas, with loved ones and friends.  Those with new babies and older ones, first Christmases or little ones who are filled with excitement I hope it has been wonderful.

I am writing to say thank you to you for all your support in the first year of The Placenta Connection.  Whether you have had a baby this year, are due to have a baby in the new year, or have connected with me for another reason – I am truly grateful.

Those of you reading this, whom I have had the pleasure of encapsulating for you – thank you for allowing me to be a small part of this precious time in your lives and I truly hope you have felt that the investment has been worth it.

If you are booked in with me for 2020 – I can’t wait to hear from you!  The process now is simple – let me know when you are in labour, take your chill pack with you if you are planning to birth your baby in a birth centre or hospital, and then let me know ASAP after the placenta is birthed.

Put my number in your birth partner’s phone now so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

If you have enquired with me for a 2020 baby – please do get in touch to confirm your booking ( .

January will be my busiest month to date – which of course I am delighted about – but I can only take on a certain number of clients in a month to ensure a first class  service.

Simple Capsules have been my most common service this year!

** Tincture
For when your capsules run out – this is the liquid for of them and can last a life time – my 2nd most common service

** Mother and Baby Balm
The skincare has proven to be so popular this year!  Watch this space for a new branch coming soon The Skincare Connection will be launching in 2020 due to the popularity of some of the products.

** Reflecting on 2019
I have connected with such an amazing range of women in the birth world this year and have been a member of the North Kent Birth Network meeting midwives, hypnobirthing instructors and doulas. These women have enriched both my working life and that of my clients, having people I can trust to recommend is a win win for all concerned.  The word of mouth has been reciprocated and I have worked with many women this year who have heard about me through their doula or birth preparation class.

Earlier in the year I was delighted to be approached, with Kym from the Daisy Foundation, to collaborate exclusively with John Lewis Bluewater at their newly reinstated Bump and Baby Events.  These monthly events alternating between an antenatal or post natal focus, with a range of fantastic local experts offering parents to be the best in support and advice alongside the reputation of the John Lewis Nursery Department and their skilled and knowledgeable staff on hand to help. Here I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of mums to be and their birth partners with people often booking in on the night to take advantage of the 10 % discount I offer at these events.

If you, or anyone else you know is expecting a baby in 2020 please do get in touch to talk about placenta encapsulation or to book in, mentioning the code NEWYEAR2020 will give you 10 percent off any new bookings until the end of January 2020.  Please do forward this email to any friends who may be interested.

If you have booked in and would like to upgrade your package by adding another service perhaps a tincture, or a balm please do get in touch for 10% off.  If you have any pills left over that you would like me to use for a cosmetic or tincture – once again please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It has been a rollercoaster year but I have loved it! Having the unit built and inspected by Medway Council to ensure I am working correctly was so important to me and my business.  I am in there all hours of the day and night, and I love being there.  Seeing mums and their babies, birth partners and their smiles, nanas and their daughter’s chill packs, I am truly the lucky one! Spontaneous hugs with dads, sisters, mothers, and doulas at the door of delivery suites around the South East has been a welcome surprise element to my day to day life. Sometimes with little Juliet along for the ride, I am juggling this still with her at home.

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Summer at John Lewis
Photo courtesy of my lovely client Tess

Women are the strength that have helped me bring this business to fruition and I see the strength of women birthing their babies into our world and the power that brings.  An uncertain time for many of us, starting something new; whether that be the journey of motherhood or new ventures, sometimes this uncertainty brings focus, determination and clarity.

The sun comes up every day and if we have had a night of wakings/feedings it can be tricky to feel like keeping on going with the rest of the demands we have – but we do.  And for that I thank you – I have felt so much support this year – here’s to another great year of positivity, thanks and gratitude for what we have and what we are doing.

Lastly – If you have used my services this year and have not done so already, please, if you have a moment to review The Placenta Connection on Facebook, or email or text me a testimonial I can use to help in spreading the word for placenta encapsulation, I would be so grateful – thank you. Alternatively click here to send me some feedback – thank you.

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