Guide for expectant mothers

Here at The Placenta Connection we want to support you in choosing the right placenta remedies for you. You can use this guide to explain the remedies to your partner, midwife, doctor, family and friends.

Your placenta is unique to you and your baby and is a vital part of your pregnancy and birth. It connects you physically to your baby providing oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and hormones. After giving birth to your baby and your placenta, you can lose blood up to 1/8 of your body’s volume. At The Placenta Connection we believe that consuming your placenta helps to make up for this loss by replenishing essential bioavailable iron, hormones, fats and proteins to heal wounds and aid the body in post natal recovery.

Why should I consider consuming my placenta?

Historically, dried placenta was utilised to treat and cure many ailments, most commonly those concerning birth. In recent times across both Europe and the US the benefits of consuming the placenta are becoming more and more popular. The anecdotal evidence and testimonials from women suggests that taking placenta capsules may improve energy levels, increase milk production, reduce the amount and time of postnatal bleeding (lochia), overall creating a more positive post natal experience. Further details of research can be accessed at the Placenta Remedies Network site (

Will Placenta Capsules affect my mood?

After birth some mothers can feel “baby blues” and may feel overwhelmed sad or anxious soon after giving birth, this usually coincides with the mothers milk “coming in”. For some this can develop into post natal depression. Studies have shown that this condition is linked to a lack of nutrients and hormones – all of which are in high supply in the placenta.

How do I keep my placenta safe until encapsulation?

You will be provided with a chill tested cooler pack and single use gel ice packs before you reach 37 weeks pregnant. After you have given birth your placenta needs to be placed into this chiller pack within 30 minutes. We provide information for you to share with your midwife and birth partner so they are aware you wish to keep your placenta and how to prepare it for the chiller pack. Including the requirement that your placenta is delivered “onto dry land” due to the risk of cross contamination being higher in water.

Some hospitals may allow you to store your placenta in their fridge or keep your ice packs in the freezer. Your placenta will be safe in the chiller pack for 12 hours. You should then text us at The Placenta Connection ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT and we will collect your placenta within 12 hours (invariably it will be much sooner) and return your capsules to you with 24-48 hours. We require parents to complete and sign The Placenta Connection Booking Form before booking the services. We also require parents to complete a Placenta Collection Statement before the preparation of any remedies. This statement allows us to ensure your placenta is safe and suitable for consumption and confirms you have stored your placenta as per our guidelines. Because all births are different we must ensure that your placenta meets our food safety policy requirements to ensure that we provide you with a safe and high quality product.

Why should I choose The Placenta Connection?

  • I have been trained, certified and licensed, with both IPEN and PRISM Placenta Training, and undertake ongoing CPD and sharing of best practice
  • Food Safety, HACCP and blood born pathogen training certificates are available to download on
  • I am registered and licesend clinical premises with Medway Council
  • I have a dedicated unit at my home where the capsules and remedies are made ensuring a sterile and hygienic work space
  • I use high quality non light permeable packaging with Trading Standards approved labels
  • I guarantee only one placenta will be processed at any one time
  • I am a mother of two who has worked with young children and families throughout my career
  • I have experienced the powerful effects of encapsulation for myself and can testify first hand as to how it changed my post natal experience with my second child
  • I only use high quality hospital grade equipment
  • I am fully committed to helping women take control of their post natal experience and feel strongly that my role is to support new mums in recoveryServices We Offer
  • Simple Capsules – the placenta is prepared and dehydrated from raw – some women report feeling energized and focused £220
  • Steamed Capsules – the placenta is first steamed with lemon, ginger and chilli and then dehydrated – women have reported that these bring a feeling of calm and balance £220
  • 50/50 Simple and Steamed £275
  • Placenta Tincture – this is a stronger long term remedy where a piece of placenta is stored in high quality alcohol for six weeks, after filtering you can use the tincture as drops, as and when necessary £80
  • Cosmetic Remedies including balm for you and baby, facial oil, face/body cream, details upon request
  • Homeopathic Remedy part of your placenta or one capsule sent to a registered homeopath for preparation, details upon request (can be reordered for up to 5 years)

Cases in which we are unable to offer our services

  • If you have tested positive for any blood borne disease (HIV, AIDS, HBV, HCV, CJD) or uterine/placental infection
  • If you have tested posotove for COVID 19 during your labour
  • If your placenta has been sent to pathology by your medical team
  • The Placenta Connection reserve the right to refuse services based on their own assessment of your placenta upon collection
  • In order to ensure we deliver a high quality and food safe product we must ensure that our placenta storage guidelines have been met
  • To prevent disappointment and refusal of services we advise that you follow our placenta storage guidelines, most importantly, ensuring your placenta is chilled within 30 minutes after its delivery