Here at The Placenta Connection we offer 3 core placenta remedies services – capsules, tincture and oil.

The capsules come prepared two different ways – the placenta is either dehydrated straight away (simple method) or steamed first (steamed method).  By far and away the most commonly ordered type is the simple method – dehydrating from raw means that the nutrients and hormones held within the placenta are conserved as much as possible and not broken down by an extreme heat process – with many mums reporting high energy levels, good milk supply and lifted mood from the simple capsules.  

Steamed capsules go through a very simple steaming process before dehydration resulting in a slightly less potent remedy, although clients report similar findings with steamed capsules as the simple – they also often feel a sense of calm and balance as well as finding they help with sleep.

Simple or Steamed Capsules

Many mums, including myself, choose to go for the best of both worlds and have their placenta prepared in both ways – the 50/50 option (see what other mums have to say here).  These capsules can be taken in two different ways – either using the simple pills during the morning/day time and using the steamed in the evening, or alternatively, taking the simple placenta pills for the first 4 weeks and then using the steamed capsules once the body has started to heal and energy is beginning to return.

50:50 Placenta Pills

The second most popular service I offer is a placenta tincture.  A tincture is something that is dissolved/suspended in alcohol before being taken – tinctures can take many forms – and be used for lots of ailments, commonly you may have heard of Rescue Remedy – that is a herbal tincture.  

Placenta remedies – tincture

Your placenta tincture takes 6-8 weeks to prepare and a piece of placenta (or some dried placenta powder) is steeped in a minimum 40%ABV alcohol, strained off given in a 300ml bottle and a 50ml dropper bottle for dispensing.  Like any tincture available – there are several ways to take it – 10-40 drops in a large glass of water or 5-10 drops straight under the tongue – for maximum impact!  

Placenta remedies - tincture

Mums have told me that their tincture gives them an instant boost at times of low energy or exhaustion and just knowing it is there for them when they need it makes them feel good.  Additionally, a placenta tincture can be extremely useful during hormonal shifts – ie when periods return after giving birth, PMT and during the menopause. 

Lastly is our – or more rightly your – liquid gold!  If you are a fan of skincare products, new ways of preserving your collagen, encouraging blood flow and cell growth – then you NEED to get a bespoke oil.  Regularly spoken about in the media (Killing Eve and Selling Sunset) and utilised extensively in Asian countries (ANIMAL) placenta products are the go to for cutting edge in modern skincare science – and you can have your own.  Placenta powder is heated with apricot kernel oil, and strained to provide you with the perfect boost to any topical skincare product you might use – and of course – it is safe for your baby too, nappy rash, baby acne, dry or rough skin patches – go for it and enjoy!

Placenta pills, placenta oil, baby balm to mix the oil with

Booking in…

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