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The clients we have here at The Placenta Connection are women from all walks of life.  Women who chose all types of birth.  Women who are at all different stages of their parenting journey.  Women book it at 12 weeks pregnant, women call me on the day of birth and ask to book in…we can accommodate this.  

Placenta Encapsulation Kent
Placenta Encapsulation Kent

If you have been taking medication throughout your pregnancy – we ask that you check with your healthcare provider if consuming your placenta post birth will be ok, before going ahead.  But generally – if it is safe to take during pregnancy, it will be ok to encapsulate. There are few contraindications for encapsulation.  Smoking during pregnancy is one.  Placenta infection is another.  Other conditions, feel free to ask me and your midwife/consultant and we can sign post you to the right answer.

Clients report to me by way of text, call, Facebook review and email that their capsules help them with almost all aspects of post birth recovery and post natal issues. Energy, milk supply, mood, bleeding.  Some clients feel the effects in different ways, but they all, without exception are positive about the impact the capsules have had on the period of time after birth.

I have banged on and on about how I felt whilst taking my placenta capsules – a sense of clarity, huge amounts of energy, a wonderful milk supply, feeling able to cope with two children, a toddler and a baby….enjoying every part of what we had to give each other.  I couldn’t have asked for more from myself or my family during that time and I truly believe that is because of how I felt, which I put down to my placenta capsules.

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