Placenta skincare? Sounds out there doesn’t it!!  Despite being a multi-million pound industry in Asia – it is illegal to sell placenta infused skincare in the UK.

But never fear – you can still benefit from your placenta – in addition to your placenta capsules and placenta tincture – with your placenta oil – bespoke to you.

Bespoke Oil

When you order a package from us at The Placenta Connection that includes skincare – you will receive a 50ml bottle of bespoke placenta oil which you can add yourself you any skincare products – whether it be from our sister company The Skincare Connection which specialises in oil based, 100 percent natural skincare for mums and babies, or your own skincare you already have.

As part of every skincare order you also get the Mother and Baby Balm which you can use on, nappy rash, baby acne, eczema, cracked nipples, scarring, stretch marks – it’s an all-round wonderful product, tested and legally approved for use from day 1 – fragrance free and formulated for sensitive skins. 

This combine with your placenta oil – really does give you a 5 star skin experience – something that will NEVER be available on the shelves – as it’s totally unique to you.  In addition to the Mother and Baby balm we have a facial oil and baby massage oil available too – made with only the highest quality oils – tested and registered with the UK cosmetics portal – you can rest assured you will be receiving only the best.

If you are unsure – you do not have to order it straight away – if you have 4/5 placenta pills left over from your order I can make it up any time up to 6 months after your placenta pills have been processed.

Ellen xXx