When people approach me to talk about placenta remedies – often they will say – I want to have (this type) of birth – can I still have my placenta encapsulated?

And pretty much the answer is yes – so for a quick and easy guide – please see below:

  • Homebirth – Yes
  • Midwife led unit/birth centre – Yes

Kingston NHS Birth Centre – Copyright

  • NHS Hospital – Yes

Tunbridge Wells Hospital delivery suite

  • Private Hospital/Wing – Yes

Westminster Suite – St Thomas’ Hopsital

  • Delivery suite – Yes
  • Water Birth – Yes – ensure placenta is birthed out of the water

  • Theatre – Yes

  • Planned or unplanned c section with spinal block or epidural – Yes
  • General Anaesthetic – No
  • Instrumental help to birth – yes
  • Managed 3rd stage (Synthetic hormone to bring on birth of placenta) – Yes
  • Delayed Cord Clamping – Yes (please!)

  • Manual Removal of Placenta – Yes

If you have any questions or other birthing options you would like to discuss – please don’t hesitate to ask ellen@theplacentaconnection.co.uk



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